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Fluorescent Light

Tricolor soft light is famous for its luminescence, which changes the low efficiency and high temperature, the shortages of calorescence. It is with constant color temperature, soft light source, smooth, high efficiency of luminous tube, long life and low energy consume without heat radiation. It can be used for studio of TV stations, virtual studio and meeting centers where requires high lighting quality and color rendering property.



Model Struture Rated Power
SL-TBS436 Light-nonadjustable
OSRAM parts
4 กม 36W
SL-TBS636 6 กม 36W
SL-TBS455 4 กม 55W
SL-TBS655 6 กม 55W
SL-TBS436A Light-adjustable
OSRAM parts
4 กม 36W
SL-TBS636A 6 กม 36W
SL-TBS455A 4 กม 55W
SL-TBS655A 6 กม 55W
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