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Double-Reflect Soft Lights

With the advanced light path design, it can give high and soft reflecting lighting by concealing the luminous tube in a turnover lamp bowl, and can add a pole control and the machinery control. It is suitable for the large scale lighting of all kind studios and stages.

The bulb is put in slot which can be turned over. It is safely
and convenient to install or remove .The shape of light is novelty, the structure is compact, and light-route is designed advanced. Reflector with high glisten coefficient is made from aluminum board of orange-skin mirror-face.



Model Struture Rated Power
SL-DR1250A Manual 1250W
SL-DR1250B 1250W x 2
SL-DR1250C Pole 1250W
NP Battery
  V-Style Battery
  3-Stud Battery
  Red Camera Battery
  Buddy-Pro Battery
  Other Battery
  Single Charger
  NP Style Charger
  V-Style Charger
  3-Stud Charger
  Pro-Camcorder Case
  DV Camera Case
  Tripod Case
  Light Case
  Camera Ligth
  Fluorescent Light
  Spot Light
  Soft Light
  Focusing Soft Light
  HMI Light
  Floor Light
  Backdrop Light
Film & Video
  Matte Box
  Follow Focus
  Director Viewfinder
  Filter & Lens
  Battery Grip
  Video Monitor
  Mount Plate